How we can help?

It is said that when services step in, communities step back. At iDirect, we are very careful about this. We want our services to be just one of the support mechanisms not the only one.

We develop an individual service design with people we support and people who know them well. This identifies housing, staffing and routine needs, outcomes and preferences. After this, we hold a planning day to develop a path with the  person and agree the initial Working Policy, which is a detailed document that  covers everything for the staff team about how best to support them.

Once the service is in place, we have regular reviews to gather views from the  individual we support and people close to them to see if we are doing what we  promised at the first place? If we don’t, we acknowledge, improve our processes  and  carry on.

Like any of us, the people we support have their ups and downs. Sometimes they  express their emotions in a challenging manner and sometimes it is nuanced but   we know there is a sense of purpose to their behaviour. Times like these are not easy for the individuals and us but we stick together and see it through. We  organise meetings and involve those they trust, including their friends,  relatives and other professionals and discuss and move on.

"Inclusion is a good word, connection is a better one." (Late Mr. Carl Poll, Founder of KeyRing)

FOR the people we support - we will

  • Listen to you
  • Support you to achieve your goals in life
  • Ensure you are at the centre of your chosen support team
  • Support you to maintain and develop relationships
  • Assist you to explore and access your community
  • Continually review your support and enable you to change things, where needed
  • Ensure you are aware of your rights both as a individual and as a citizen
  • Be open and honest when we make mistakes