Celebrating a decade of independent living!

iDirect helps people with a learning disability, autism and/or
mental health conditions to be able to live with
support in their own homes.

This involves supporting people with mild,
moderate, severe and profound learning
disability, autism and various mental health
conditions. Most of the people we support
live in and around Wiltshire,
West Hampshire, Dorset, including in
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Most entrepreneurial journeys require self-belief, passion, persistence and purpose. Ours is no different. Winterbourne View Hospital scandal in 2011 triggered a deep desire to create an organisation that imbibed the principles of citizenship, social justice, freedom, honesty and transparency.

It took three more years to realise our dream, and in 2014 iDirect was born.

Our Vision

To enable individuals to live a kind of life they have reason to value.

Inclusion is a good word, connection is a better one.

Late Mr. Carl Poll,
Founder of KeyRing

iDirect believes in
citizenship for
everyone through
seven keys to

How we can help?

We develop a support plan which includes person centred thinking tools with people we support and people who know them well. These identify staffing and routine needs, outcomes and preferences. After this, we aim to hold a planning day to develop a path with the person and people who know them well and agree the initial transition plan, which is a detailed document that sits alongside the support plan and covers everything for the team about how best to support them.

Once the service is in place, we have regular reviews to gather views from the individual we support, and people close to them to see if we are doing what we promised in the first place? If we don’t, we acknowledge, improve our processes, and carry on.

Work with us!

We are looking for like-minded
colleagues who share our passion to
join our team.