Helping people to move to their own homes from institutional settings like care homes and long stay hospitals.

People we employ generally work only with 2-3 individuals at anytime and are well paid.

There are no external shareholders to satisfy. Our priority is our excellent service to people we support and taking care of our colleagues who work with us.

We are part of Citizen network – which promotes everyone as equal citizens. For us, people we support are ordinary citizens first, not just people receiving a service.

We do not go for external recognitions such as awards. We believe recognition comes from enabling our individuals and looking after our colleagues well.

We say a big ‘NO’ to anyone approaching us for takeovers. We believe in ‘democratisation of market place’ and enable small organisations with strong ethos such us ours to grow in this sector.

iDirect helps people with a learning disability, autism and/or mental health conditions to be able to live with support in their own homes.

This involves supporting people with mild, moderate, severe and profound learning disability, autism and various mental health conditions.

Most of the people we support live in and around Wiltshire, West Hampshire, Dorset, including in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

We operate from two CQC registered locations: one in West Dorset, the other in East Dorset. We also have a satellite office in Wiltshire.

We recruit for individuals through bespoke recruitment process. For us, every person we support is unique and wants to live their lives in a certain way, like any of us.

Typically, our service is accessed in the following ways:

  • The local council or health authority ask us to work with individuals to help them. They pay us to do this.
  • Individuals ( through their families or other organisations) manage their own care monies and ask us directly to provide them support. This is called Direct Payments.
  • Individuals ask us to manage their care monies and provide their support flexibly. This is called Individual Service Funds.