To be able to live in one’s home with peace, security and dignity is a minimum expectation any of us would have. At iDirect, we are keen that the people we support have access to suitable housing when they need it.

Our experience shows that not all landlords are forthcoming to rent suitable accommodation for people with disabilities. However, there are some landlords who are keen to work with the people we support and hence iDirect works only with a selected group of like-minded landlords, estate agents, registered social landlords or housing associations to help individuals to find a suitable accommodation.

Over the years, we have helped many individuals whether they are moving out of a residential home or from an unsuitable accommodation etc. to find accommodation that is safe, secure and suitable for their needs.

If you want to understand this more, please do listen to this¬†BBC iPM podcast, where parents of one of the people we support and iDirect’s founder, Vinesh, were interviewed during January 2019.