"It is not simply existing; it is about Living”

People are at the heart of iDirect. Both the people who work at iDirect and the people we work with are all of great importance to us. We believe it is important for the people who are employed with iDirect and the people we support to live not simply exist and to us that means we have to consider what is important to people and what does a good life look like for each person we support?

The start of that is looking at people and how we spend our time together. We believe it is important to match people and facilitate the best possible opportunities for positive relationships to develop. We work to identify personal traits and qualities of people you enjoy spending time with, the shared hobbies and interests of people you will spend time with, and additionally the skills and characteristics of people we want and need in our lives.

If a person enjoys spending time with their staff and vice versa, then we know great things can happen. At iDirect, we know not all of us can get on with everyone as we are all very different and so we factor that in by tailoring people's staff team to them and being honest when the match isn't working.

We recognise and celebrate where people can access community and natural support. As an organisation, we do not need to support people all the time while providing a tailored service.