Looking for a Career?

“When services step in, communities step back'' (John Mcknight, Asset Based Community Development Centre, Chicago)

At iDirect, we are very careful about the fact that we are one of the support mechanism available for the customer and not the only one as there could be family, friends and things to do in the community that enables the customer to be an active citizen. To achieve this principle, we have to be very selective in our recruitment.

Working with iDirect means you will work with a maximum of 2 or 3 individuals. You will be given the time and the tools to get to know the person you will be supporting. We expect our staff to get to know our customers but at all times to respect professional boundaries. You will be working in someone’s home and that must be respected.

You will receive extensive training not only in providing good support but also in areas that help with your personal development. You will have regular supervisions and appraisals and access to support from the management team who are in regular contact with the people we support.

Each team is made up of a core group of staff and also a team leader. The team leader does lots of the day to day management of the support but they also work hands on for the majority of their hours ensuring they truly lead the team and can understand and raise issues as they happen. They provide the first line of on call alongside the 24 hour management on call system that is in place.

Teams get together regularly to look at what is going well and what is proving challenging this is sometimes with the customer but again this will vary from team to team.

We may not be able to tell you what your shift pattern would be or what you will be doing as each team works very differently based on what works well for the customer. Some people have support starting earlier where as others enjoy being out late. This can make it difficult when trying to apply for a role. All we can say is put in your application and let us know if you have specific commitments and we can look at this when we are matching people. We know it has to work for everyone involved.

As an organisation, we are committed to the people we support, we love it when a team comes together and is clearly focussed on the best interests of the customer. We welcome feedback from customers, staff and others and we hope that as a key part of a persons team that you feel able to question and challenge decisions made by the management team that may negatively impact on the customer.

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